Who Should Attend

At Serious Play Conference, update your knowledge about the use of games in your field. The leading instructional designers and developers as well as those who already implement game-based learning will share their knowledge.  Sessions cover games for use in education, corporations, museums and other public spaces, healthcare and government/military training.

SPC lets attendees interact — talk one-on-one with experts, participate in hands on sessions, see award winning games and ask questions.  You will learn how to judge and use assessment tools — and what to do with the information the metrics provide.  The leading researchers explain the opportunities, challenges and potential of these “serious” games. 

Questions? Contact info@seriousplayconf.com.

Educators/School Instructional Designers

K-2o teachers upgrade their knowledge about how to use games to engage students in the learning process. High school teachers can hear how instruction in game design brings at risk students back to class. Higher education professionals benefit from sessions that describe how colleges and universities have integrated game development courses into all departments and schools and are running student studios.

Corporate Learning Officers, Training Supervisors

Smart companies are using games everywhere in the organization, to train every level of employee from the corporate office to the warehouse, from surgeon to technician — as well as to identify top managers and implement corporate messages. At SPC, learn how to evaluate and select the right products for your organization, and how to use the data collected from gamification to improve retention.

Government/Military Training Officers

Get tips from program heads responsible for military training and development as well as local government use of games and sims for employee as well as emergency/first responder education.

Health Care and Insurance Company Executives

Training program leads interested in updating their knowledge about game-based learning and data collection analysis can hear from the top consultants in the field. Developers will share what they’ve learned creating games for everything from professional re-certification to patient rehabilitation to consumer education.

Game Designers/Developers

Hear from the most experienced developers, sharing what they have learned. Network with peers. Get exposure for your products.

Economic Development Organizations

Jobs in the game-based learning sector are growing faster than in the video game industry. Serious games can provide career paths for young people interested in STEM and help re-train job seekers in technical/vocational skills. The industry can help save/rebuild communities with high unemployment.

VCs, Government Groups and Educational Foundations

Investors wishing to understand the efficacy, revenue potential and future of serious games can hear from market researchers, identify promising start-ups and novel products and talk directly to CEOs in this fast growing field.