2018 Award Entry Judge Evaluation Form

2018 Award Entry Evaluation Form
Score Each Section (1-20) 1-5 very poor; 5-10 needs work in this area; 11-15 good; 16-20 excellent
Orientation / Engagement
  • Before the player does anything, does the game provide clear instructions on how to get started? Does the beginning of the game engage the user and convince him or her to dive in?
Learning Objectives / Assessment
  • Are the learning objectives clear? Does the gameplay have a clear connection to those learning objectives? Does the assessment element of the game accurately measure the skills/knowledge it is trying to promote?
Interactivity / Feedback
  • Does the combination of challenges, interactivity and feedback reflect and develop the learning goals of the game?
  • Are the aesthetics/design/game graphics attractive? Do the visual/aural elements contribute to the learning objectives and gameplay, or are they a distraction?
  • The game must be fun for the user. How enjoyable is the game to play?
Overall Score
(90-100 scores should be given only to exceptional games)
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